Saturday, August 14, 2010

The closest thing to home: Sharp residence, London

I see a lot of interior design ideas come across the web and in magazines, but this is the first that is really close to what I would like in my living room. There are a few key elements here:

  • Built-in bookshelves. I require many, many of these for my books.
  • Interesting design elements. Angles, antique ceilings, fireplaces, nooks and so on.
  • Contrasting walls. I keep considering wallpaper, but I think paint is the way to go, because...
  • Minimalism. Keeping it simple, even if there's some clutter.
  • Warm, home like feeling. Generally attained through well-controlled clutter and lush fabrics, shiny metals.
  • Well designed furniture and art pieces. I'd like to collect these from artist friends and around the world.
So, here, thanks to Christopher and Suzanne Sharp putting it together, Vogue's Francois Halard shooting it (full story behind link), and ApartmentTherapy posting the image, is the best representation of my vague ideas for the decoration of a living space:

In fact, the only thing in this image I really don't like are the two yellow chairs in the foreground. Otherwise, I would just have my own interpretations of what's present here.


  1. like yellow chairs, not keen on green rug, but overall it seems perfect. love your new blog "wallpaper." that from MES?

  2. It's funny what minimalism means to different people. I think you controlled clutter better captures what you show above. The blue couches are lovely, as is the typographical art!