Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's in a name

When I started this blog I intended it to be an information gathering device, posting bunches of links, reviews, instructions and so on. This sort of happened for a few posts (I'm still most proud of my Smithsonian Craft Fair post), but then I meandered off into journaling territory, posting more photos, recipes, poems, thoughts and whatever else happened to cross my path. In the end, the content has actually lived up to the name I chose in the first place: Renascence Girl.

I've gotten a few questions about why I "spelled renaissance wrong," so I'll explain my logic (something I probably should've done initially).

  1. "Renaissancegirl" was taken.
  2. Spelled "renaissance" the word tends to make people think of the period in history, or silly festivals where people dress up and make largely inaccurate attempts to reenact that period.
  3. I used this alternate spelling because it sounds better in my head. Literally, re-nascence, re-birth, a new beginning, or beginning again. This can mean a new start, or starting something over again, redoing something from the past in a new way.
  4. It does also imply the idea of the renaissance man, a person who is a jack of many trades, perhaps not at expert at all of them, but a dabbler. Since I can't make my mind about anything much, Renascence girl seemed like an accurately descriptive choice. You, who have nobly waded through all this, therefore get posts about a wide variety of topics, all tied together simply because of moi. Hoo-rah.
Photo of your semi-faithful blogger courtesy of your .. you get it. From Chincoteague Is., Sept. 2010.

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