Thursday, June 23, 2011

Social butterfly

s far as I can tell, the best thing about living in DC is that there are more events than one can ever hope to attend. Better yet, a good portion of them are entirely free to the public, funded by donation or (cough) your tax dollars. After discovering this last summer when attending the outdoor movie series on the National Mall and in Crystal City, I thought, hey, I should put together a calendar of some of the events I'm interested in and share it with people. Presumably, a fair chunk of my [iiiitty-bitty] reader-base is located in the DC metro area, so hopefully someone will find this useful.

The events contained within were discovered via the following:

The calendar will update on this page when new events are added, so check back, or use the "+Google Calendar" button on the bottom right corner to subscribe in Google Calendar. Alternatively, use this .ics file in ical or other calendar applications. 

    Suggestions for additions are welcome.

    ps. I'm trying out some schmancy drop caps at the top of each post. If they don't display/line up well, let me know. Blogger doesn't have much of a way to add something like that without it being an image, and because the settings for images (e.g. the border) are universal, I don't think I can change that for an individual post. 


    1. Drop cap is byootiful. Though I thought it was a N. Which reminds me: what became of the nori post? I liked it!

    2. OO OOOOH Annie Leibovitz at the American Art Museum???
      we should go
      Maybe take Faye?