Monday, February 18, 2013

One Week Website

ow, in all fairness, this was a very optimistic concept on my part. I can put together a decent looking personal website in a week, no problem. Getting through the entire process I've outlined below, blogging and documenting each step, including research, references, background, backend, comparison shopping, self-analysis and content transfer? Not so easy.

The idea, however, in documenting the entire process is that I, and anyone else who cares to poke around, can review my notes and see the progress I've made and the time/effort I put in to doing a relatively thorough job. Thoroughness might actually be a fault of mine. I have a need to understand everything about a topic, to understand how the wheel works before I drive the car, etc. I can't just install WordPress (WP) and go with it, I need to understand how the backend works, how my data and files are structured, how I can query that database, and why that form is the right choice for me.

This means my initial process is slower than would be ideal, but I think the payoff in the long run will be greater. I have learned to let some things slide for the time being, marking them to revisit later when I have enough background to understand them better.

First, I need to figure out how to track this list. Do I want to Gitify (version track) it? repost at the end of each sub-post? certainly link back to the original list with each execution of a list item. It seems like a version-tracked version I can update and reference would be best... without having to republish every time I make a change. So I'll have to embed the list (published github page) itself:

Oops, try this instead.

ps. Yes, this looks ghastly. I need to publish and then iterate. I hear this is a thing you do.
pps. I see the embed doesn't work in Google Reader. Will have to figure that out, too.

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