Wednesday, February 20, 2013

OWW: Tidying up

So, how about that acronym? It is sort of descriptive of how my brain gets to feeling after too many hours staring at the screen. Here's a post on some trouble-shooting of the last two posts, and tidying up any loose ends that I can.

First, the original list post was confused about what element tags to use for embedding HTML content. I started with embed because it sounded like what I wanted to do, but it's actually "for an external (typically non-HTML) application or interactive content." Then I found object, which "will either be treated as an image, as a nested browsing context, or as an external resource to be processed by a plugin." And finally iframe which I had really thought went the way of the dodo for some reason, and which "represents a nested browsing context." Sooo...

Second, hopefully related, the embedded HTML doesn't show up in Google Reader. By switching to object tags, I did get it to at least display alt text. Turns out this is indeed a security problem with RSS feeds.

However, problem B is that the entire embed shows up as an empty frame for at least one reader using (you guessed it) Internet Explorer (IE. Abbreviations will carry into future posts). I suspect this has something to do with cross-site restrictions/same origin policies, or possibly just content blocking. Looked up user agent switching and (yay) Chrome has a built in feature to switch user agents from the developer console. However, everything displayed just fine when I checked the blog through the IE emulators, so I dunno.

The original list has now been tidied up, streamlined, and the stray notes I had in there for my own benefit have been relegated to drafted blog posts. I probably shouldn't blow any time styling it, but it's tempting. I would at least like to standardise some nice classy, plain styling for future documentation purposes.

Also, since this entire blog ought to be transferred to my domain in the near future, I'm not sure how much will be lost in the translation, so I'm not futzing about style too much right now. I did settle on using courier bold to highlight code terms, but then discovered that the code element does the same thing, so will use that henceforth.

Oh yes, and I had intended to use some pre and code elements in my TodoList file, but they didn't display properly on the first two tries. Turns out the < and > are still interpreted as HTML, so substituting in "&lt" and "&gt" respectively was necessary. It's worth noting that all of my HTML/CSS coding is happening using only TextWrangler, having upgraded from TextEdit. Someday fancy software (especially for previewing work) would be nice, but right now I like this basic approach.

Phew. I like fixing all the little problems, but it can certainly get a bit tedious. All my librarian research skills sure are coming in handy!

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