Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An attempted re-roll and several more hurdles

ssignment the second! With the help of Git Tower to tidy up my git messes, it's time to try out a re-roll. Or at least, futzing around with a patch until it works. This one was assigned to me during the core mentoring office hours, which meant it was already rather late at night. I couldn't work on it for at least 10 hours, so inevitably someone else had a whack at it first. Not a problem, always good to get things done, and I kind of like the competitive aspect there.

However, the posted reroll failed the automated tests, and a subsequent comment indicated that a single element was missing from that reroll that had (presumably) been in the previous version. Hokay. So where does that leave me? If it's missing just one thing, that one thing can be inserted and then tested again, yes?

Problems: I need to make sure I'm testing accurately, refreshing my entire local repo every time. I need to figure out exactly what is missing and where it goes. Update patch file. Test again. Upload. That seems easy, right? It's the technical details of how to do all that correctly and the first time that I get hung up on and unsure about. I need a lot of practice.
  1. Actually, on this one, I'm going to take a close, side-by-side look at the two versions of the patch and see if I can isolate the missing bits, drop them in, and call it a day. This should also clue me a little more regarding patch structure. I get the concept and the diff and the +/-, but parsing all that together on read through will take some practice. Doing this manually seems to have worked, my patch applies.
  2. Also going to try doing it this way, per berdir on IRC: "one trick would be to apply the previous patch over the current one with --reject, then the file should be added but all other changes would conflict and you can ignore them" 
And said patch passed tests and was reviewed affirmatively, so I guess it's ok. Frankly I'm amazed that things don't get broken more and that so many contributors are also patient mentors. Or my sample from the IRC is skewed, but I'm definitely grateful for that patience. 

Or rather, I'll try that second option as soon as I seriously sort out how to get my branches to work. Seems like changes I make on a checked out branch are still affecting my local head? That doesn't seem quite right. And meanwhile, 8.x doesn't seem to be working with MAMP anymore and I think that's enough for one night. Really looking forward to getting more experienced with all this.

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