Friday, June 7, 2013

Drupal: Re-checking that last patch?

oday I went back to take a look at the patch I reviewed yesterday, and it looks like it needs a little more review. Unfortunately, by the time I got to it, I think the patch was behind HEAD again, despite a rerolling earlier in the day, but on my second attempt after re-cloning, it seemed to apply ok.

While I'm here, some notes on my updating procedure. I'd love to find some more streamlined notes on this, will have a look in a sec.
  • The method I've been using is just to git pull (super minimal instructions) changes down without examining and merging (slightly more detailed, includes "what if patch doesn't apply") as individual steps. Git pull usually resets the install... I think. Or it did every other time I used it, but not this last time. Question: what's the best way to test that I've got the latest and greatest down properly?
  • So since that usually requires a reinstall, I also have to wipe the db from phpMyAdmin in MAMP. 
  • Apply patch using curl, check with git diff
  • That seems to be it, then I just reconnect to the now empty db during the install process. Usually. I guess this update didn't change anything in that vicinity?
Supposing that I have the newest HEAD (I have gathered this is what the latest version is called) down, let me just make sure I have everything clean and fresh and double check that the patch isn't applying... wipe db, pull, patch. Nope-ity no. 

Time to learn something new! Or just muddle around and feel silly about things, we'll see. What to do if a patch doesn't apply: Applying a patch manually, copy error msg into issue, "re-rolling" and adding to issue queue. 

First I want to test if I get that error I found in my last post without the patch applied. Nice fresh copy, connect db, test. Error is still there. Question: Should I create a new issue for it, if I can't find it elsewhere? 

hm. Ok, now the patch is applying again. Maybe that was just me? And just pulling doesn't reset everything, so how do I uninstall in order to start over? Seems silly to wipe the whole thing and re-clone each time. Grah, ok, wiped sites/default/files/php and /config_*, ditched settings.php and replaced it with a fresh copy, reloaded. 

Retesting patch... only partially works. Noted as best I could on the issue, but am so uncertain about the quality of my testing environment that I don't trust my reviewing capabilities. There's got to be a better way to set up and test without having to completely wipe and re-clone, but just pulling doesn't always reset? Rather confused and going to bed. 

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