Wednesday, June 5, 2013

.ignore: Setting Up Local Drupal

y blog here is just going to be very dry for a little while as personal notes/documentation, apologies for that. Once I get some things set up I can filter tags/categories and have sections for tailored subscription... but right now I just need to set up a local install of Drupal 8.x (d8). There are instructions here on on setting up a developer environment (dev env), but I needed a few more steps along the way.

I would have very little idea what I was doing, even with all the documentation, if not for the Drupal Core Mentoring Office Hours, and particularly the very patient help of YesCT on the #Drupal IRC. I will definitely be back for the next office hours session I can get to. And... thank goodness "there are no stupid questions," 'cause boy are some of mine... non-stupid.
  1. The above link includes some requirements for the dev env, but I needed to check a few background items, like PHP, to make sure they also fit the requirements for a Drupal install. Step one, actually, was making sure I had accounts set up on and I was also pointed at issues for the d8 dev env here, just in case anything listed there would trip me up along the way. 
    • The one thing from the dev env list I was obviously missing was Drush, which isn't immediately necessary, but I figured I'd get it out of the way. The best way to install for d8 seems to be a git clone from the Drush project page, then following the instructions in the ReadMe to check that it's "using the same PHP as the web user." Question: Is that PHP version, settings, .ini file? 
    • It looks like typing "php -v" in the shell gives me info on whether it's the CLI variety or not (I'm not going to fuss about understanding that completely right now). 
    • Finally found more explicit instructions on command line install of Drush here. The video is the ultimate answer. 
    • However, got this error: The following restricted PHP modes have non-empty values: [error] magic_quotes_gpc. This configuration is incompatible with drush. Please check your configuration settings in or in your drush.ini file; see examples/example.drush.ini for details. Argh. [turns out there's an easy way to turn magic quotes off. oh well]
    • Ok, so then I go to example.drush.ini in the drush install directory and follow those instructions... Turns out my local PHP is out of date, hence magic quotes (deprecated a while ago). Installing new PHP and god-help-me configuring it. 
    • And back to the Drush ReadMe, I added an export PATH to my bash_profile specifying PHP 5.4, although MAMP is on 5.4.10 and command line PHP is 5.4.12... CL PHP ini file is at /usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini, MAMP file is at /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.4.10/conf/php.ini
    • I want matching memory_limit 512M and time limit 120 seconds in both files, I think. Not sure about what this step is referring to, so hoping it's these two files, not that I should have just one .ini file. Changed memory limits to match. Question: where is the time limit? script execution or input?
  2. Not a clue where I left off... I think the next step is getting my Drupal from version control via git clone.  This really ought to be easy... downloaded just fine.
  3. Then adding the Git Deploy module. hm. Doesn't appear to be released for 8.x. Question: Do I need Git Deploy for patch work? 
  4. Checking back on the dev env page for configuration and other steps... Just need to install? Will have to do that tomorrow.
  5. Then that should probably do it, and I'll leave the rest for tomorrow. I think the next steps are finding a project, and I shouldn't need to mess much with this install until I have something to test. 

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